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Product Packaging Design

Packaging Design is a vital concern in marketing, branding and selling a product. Buyers are drawn to products that look worthy, are suitable to use and echo the creativity of the establishment. Effective product packaging has the likely hood to:

  • influence purchasing decisions
  • attract new customers
  • increase sales
  • boost your business’ brand

The main role of product packaging design is to sell the product. It’s key to think carefully about how your products are packaged.

Ingenious Art considers the following when designing the packaging:

  • essential design of your packaging – how it can help promote your product, and make it more recognizable and useful for the stockists and customers
  • efficient design of your packaging – we will work hand in hand with you to understand how your product is packaged and design around that.

Sustainable Product Packaging Design

The use of ‘green’ packaging is on the increase, with consumers demanding more environment-friendly solutions. We can help you develop sustainable packaging, making it more attractive to prospective customers.

Ingenious Art will make sure of the following when designing packaging:

  • Keep it original.
    • With numerous competing products on the market, it can be difficult to make your packaging stand out. Visual charm can help hook customers’ attention. Realism and character of the design can help connect your brand’s story, giving your product that useful point of difference in the marketplace.
  • Design with simplicity.
    • Some of the best looking packaging can be left on the shelves if the consumer can’t tell what is inside it. The packaging should undoubtedly identify the brand, the product and the reasons why customers should buy it. Keeping your message clear and simple – it only takes a few seconds to make a buying decision and patrons won’t buy what they can’t understand.
  • Make it practical and user-friendly.
    • Things like shape, size, materials and ease of use of the product container – in storage, on shelves or even in the customer’s home – can all affect its sales prospects. Think All Gold Tomato Sauce. The bottle is upside-down, for example.
  • Design for the future.
    • When we design your product’s packaging, we work with you and find out what long term plan you have in mind. You may want to extend the line or diversify the product in the future, so make sure that your packaging design allows for easy variations that remain true to your brand and design style.


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Project Details

  • Client

    Various Clients for Mock-up Product Packaging Design


    • Adobe Illustrator
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Vector’s
    • Design
  • TASK

    Packaging Design of various products

    • T-shirt design
    • Carton Design
    • Can & Mug Design
Product Packaging Design

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